What Is Natural Childbirth? Is It Safe?

Natural childbirth was a term introduced in the 30s of the last century by Grantly Dick-Read. There are many attributes that can be ascribed to giving natural birth to children. Let us take a look at the history of this movement development and at what this type of childbirth differs it from others.

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As you may know it, in the past our grand-grandmothers used to give birth at home.  Childbirth was not considered a situation, where intensive care was needed. Sometimes, women would have doctors on hand to help them during the parturition. However, in most cases, they would have only their family members to help them along.

Natural childbirth

Natural childbirth does have many significant benefits to offer

At the end of the 19th century this situation has dramatically changed. The industrial revolution has brought many innovations into our lives, including giving birth in hospitals. While women with higher levels of income went on giving childbirth at home, poor women sought help in social hospitals. Such difference in labour conditions was mainly caused by the difference in living conditions. Poorer women had smaller apartments and more ‘dirt’ there to deal with. While, richer women had better living conditions and could afford to call for the doctor in case of emergency during the parturition.

Now, presently most women in our society deliver babies in hospitals. This has allowed providing all women with adequate and timely medical assistance and clean childbirth conditions. This has also allowed cutting down the death rate during the parturition.

On the other hand, hospital childbirth vs. natural childbirth has many significant shortages to offer. Let us take a look at some of them and at the difference between the two above mentioned ways to deliver a child.

The core difference between the two is this: people, who support giving birth to a baby naturally, believe that women have all they need to do that on their own. They do not need the amount of medical support or medications administered during the birth pangs in hospitals. Besides, giving birth naturally and in well known and friendly environment creates a more intimate and special atmosphere both for mothers and their babies. Plus, it provides more timely and early contact between the mother and the child and other family members, too.

According to WHO, all these things help mothers and their children to develop a tighter bond and avoid many psychological and health problems later on. Moreover, scientific data show that the majority of mothers (up to 95 percent) has no problems delivering babies at home with no medical assistance needed. Plus, such natural childbirth cuts down on the amount of medications, administered during the parturition. So, as you may see, natural delivery does have many significant benefits to offer. However, such parturition takes more thought and preparation to go well.

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