Top 7 Pregnancy Insomnia Safe Home Remedies You Should Try

Pregnancy time offers great variety of causes for insomnia. Pregnancy insomnia can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, or it can be caused by many discomforts, experienced during this special time. And, of course, it can be caused by emotional overstrain and roller coaster most women experience, when they get pregnant.

Sometimes, insomnia in pregnant women, if followed by anxiety or nervousness, indicates predisposition to postpartum depresssion. It is a medical condition wich should be treated. You can Test Yourself With the Postpartum Depression Quiz and answer 5 questions to make sure you have no such condition to deal with, or to find a good reason to contact your doctor.

Now, let us take a look at the top 7 home remedies and tips to help you get better rest and get better prepared for the parturition.

Pregnancy insomnia

Honey and milk are great home remedies for pregnancy insomnia

1. Proper regimen

Coming up with the right regimen is essential during the pregnancy, especially, if you have insomnia. This means, you should try to organize your day so that you would get up and go to bed at the set time. Avoid the temptation to stay long in bed in the mornings. Of course, you may have your morning nausea assault, but one of the best things to deal with it is taking a walk.

Also, avoid taking naps during the day and especially in the second half of the day.

2. Proper diet

One of the pregnancy insomnia causes is nausea. Another one is sense of hunger. You should not go to bed hungry. This would help you to deal with both of the above listed problems. However, you should avoid eating fatty and sugary foods, drinking soda or tea and coffee. All these foods are high in energy. They stimulate you, instead of tuning up for sleep.

Read more about foods to include in your diet in the article “Postpartum Diet – What is the Best Diet Plan for Young Moms?

3. Proper liquid intake

Most women experience swelling during the pregnancy time. If you drink too much water, your hands, feet and face may get swollen. The swelling causes deep sense of discomfort, which makes it even harder to fall asleep.

4. Relaxation

Increased anxiety and ‘nestling’ instinct may hype up your emotions during the pregnancy time. You get overly excited and anxious to get everything ready for the new arrival. Still, you have to take time during the day to relax. Instead of taking naps, take time to master relaxation and breathing techniques, which would help you much during the upcoming parturition.

5. Vitamin B

This is one of the essential vitamins for pregnant women. It keeps your nerve system and brain healthy and steadily working. So, consult your doctor about the proper intake of this essential vitamin during your special time.

6. Herb Teas

There are many herbs you may use to brew teas to treat your insomnia. However, it has to be mentioned, that all of them have certain effects on your health. So, consult your doctor first and only then use any of these herbs. For instance, mint is well known for its calming properties. However, it also lowers your blood pressure. Many women have low blood pressure during the first half of pregnancy. That is why this herb should be used with great care. Lettuce seed tea is another option.

7. Honey and milk

Honey is great for treating insomnia. You may get yourself a cup of milk with some honey. This would exclude the hunger cause of insomnia and help to make your sleep sounder.

As you may see, there are many things you can do to deal with your pregnancy insomnia. Pick the ones that work better for you.

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