Preventing Postpartum Depression: 7 Main Rules You Should Know

According to scientific research, women, who suffer from PPD are those who get little or no help after the parturition. These women get isolated, caring for their babies and struggle with many challenges. So, there are certain practical things you can do for preventing postpartum depression.

Here are 7 main rules you should follow to secure yourself from falling into depressive condition:

Preventing postpartum depression

1. Treat depression during pregnancy time

You are very likely to develop PPD, if you cope with depression during your pregnancy time. So, do not leave the pregnancy depression undiagnosed or untreated. Your doctor may help you to pass a simple test to see, if you are suffering from depression during the pregnancy. Then, let the doctor find the best treatment for it to help you out. Let your husband and the rest of your family know about your depression and possible depression symptoms. Educate your natives about it and let them know, how they can help you to prevent it.

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2. Maintain a proper diet during the pregnancy time

Getting on a healthy and proper diet during the pregnancy would help you to develop a healthy habit. It would also help you to supply your body and your baby with all the essential nutrients. This way, you will not feel exhausted after the pregnancy and delivery. If you keep your body healthy, you decrease your chances of developing PPD.

3. Make arrangements for the after parturition time

Do not leave this for later and do not hope that people will intuitively know what to do and how to help you. Make arrangements ahead of time. Ask your family for help. Let them know, how they should help you. Make sure to arrange some time for you to rest and get a good sleep. And, arrange some time for them to stay with the baby and let you get out and socialize.

4. Keep up your social life

Isolation is one of the things that lead to postpartum depression. Ask your friends to send you messages and cheer you up. Ask them to call you even if you do not call them as often as you used to. It is so easy for new moms to get busy with the baby and the home routine and stop socializing.

5. Take your vitamins during the pregnancy

Taking vitamins during the pregnancy supplies your body with all the essential nutrients and keeps up the level of your health. Good health keeps depression away.

6. Understand PPD

Understand what postpartum depression is and how it affects people. It may make you feel downcast and unable to cope with the simple things of life. This is not the weakness or laziness. This is how the depression manifests itself and it may lead to partial or complete living disability, if left untreated.

7. Get enough rest

Getting enough rest and sleep is essential. However, it may be very difficult with a baby on hands. Still, try to make all the arrangements and get a good rest to keep the depression away.

Hopefully, these 7 rules of preventing postpartum depression would help you avoid developing this condition and enjoy your first year with your baby.


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