Postpartum Exercise – 10 Best Workouts Which Will Help You to Fight Depression

According to research at least 1 of 10 women develop PPD after the delivery. Postpartum exercise is one of the things that can ease or even help to overcome this condition. Thus, let us take a look at the best 10 exercises you can engage in to fight your depression.

Before you find a list of these workouts, we should take a moment and pay attention to one important thing. Pregnancy and delivery have significantly affected your body. This means, you should not start working out before you make sure, your body is ready for the strain. Otherwise, you run a risk of harming yourself with the exercises and causing damage to your body.


#1.  Aerobics

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Aerobic postpartum exercise has many benefits to offer. This type of workout does not overstrain your body, if you take time to warm up your muscles. Plus, it helps you to lose weight faster. Losing weight and staying fit helps to boost your self esteem and to fight off the assault of depression.

#2. Jogging

Jogging is a great anti depression work out, because it takes you out of your home. You run outdoors, enjoy the beauty around you and socialize.

#3. Yoga

Postpartum exercise: yoga
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Yoga is thought to be safe and beneficial for postpartum women. It calms you down, helps to change your perception of yourself and the world around you and to give you some sparing load of working out.

4. Power exercising

By starting small in power exercising you train your body muscles and help them to restore faster. This type of workout boosts your metabolism, it also boosts your self esteem, as you start accomplishing things and feel more successful.

5. Stretching

Sparing stretching exercises keep your body flexible and improve liquid circulation in your body. They simply make you feel good and more uplifted.

6. Walking

This is a very simple, but very efficient anti depressive postpartum exercise. It does not overstrain your body after the parturition; it takes you outdoors and helps you to restore your sense of enjoying the life.

7.  Gardening

Yes, gardening is not a workout. But, you only give it a try. You’ll get plenty of moving around, bowing down, walking and building up your muscles. Plus, you get the enjoyment of working, growing and enjoying life.

8. Bouncing

Bouncing is fun. Get yourself a small home trampoline and go for it.

9. Cardio workouts

This type of working out is healthy. It keeps your entire body tuned up and helps you to fight off the blues.

10. Exercising with your baby

Today you can find tons of fun and easy exercises to do with your baby. They are great for treating postpartum depression, because they train your body and increase the bond between you and your little one. In the article Postpartum Exercise With Baby: Slim Down And Have Fun we discuss in detail about such pleasant method of slimming as training with baby.

As you may see, these 10 best postpartum exercise types offer a range of activities that can be enjoyed by most mothers. Sometimes no professional help is available to treat postpartum depression. This is the case, when you should learn some basis of self-help for PPD. Take a look at some of the things you may do to ease your condition: How to deal with postpartum depression by yourself

US Health Department recommends most healthy women after delivery to engage in 150 minutes of aerobics weekly.

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