List of 9 Habits That Can Provoke Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Postpartum depression is one of the mental disorders that may affect women after childbirth. Its major cause is enormous change in hormonal level and body’s rebuilding after delivery. The symptoms of postpartum depressive condition are very fierce.  Women feel overwhelmed and irritated. Their mood changes unexpectedly: depressed women get into out-of-control rage then into guilt because of their behavior. They often feel like they can’t handle being mothers because of uncontrolled fear and permanent anxiety. Concomitant disorders may also appear such as concentrating and speaking disturbances.

According to medical researches, there are some common habits that can provoke developing of postpartum depression:

1 Eating habits

“We are what we eat” Bad eating habits have great influence on mental health. Irregular food intake, unhealthy foods, overeating or malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals – all these factors weaken our resistance to negative impacts. So, you can lessen the risks of depression by controlling your habits of eating. Find Out What Are 8 Foods You Should Include In Breastfeeding Diet

Postpartum depression

Relaxation and spa procedures protect from depression

2 Insufficient rest

Sleep plays important role in restoring our defensive functions. If a woman couldn’t get enough rest, her immune system will be exposed to permanent stress.

3 Laziness

When a woman hardly maintains her beauty she is much more predisposed to depression.  Taking care of yourself will strengthen your self-esteem. So, it is beneficial to dedicate at least 30 minute per day to body workouts or beauty procedures – manicure, face masks, spa and massage.

4 Alcohol and smoking

Both alcohol and smoking destroy nervous system. So, eliminating these habits is an important step in preventing postnatal depression.

5 Negative thoughts

Many women are used to focus on their troubles. They keep in mind all bad things for long time. Such emotions are contra-indicated in pregnancy as they provoke depressed condition. There is a solution to get rid of this habit: every time you remember a negative memory, replace it with pleasant moments of your life.

6 Lack of initiative and self-control

If woman loses her power to make decisions and the ability to control her extreme emotions, she may easy fall victim to depression symptoms.

7 Social isolation

Women without friends and single mothers are more vulnerable than those with strong family support. If you feel lonely try to understand why it happens to you. Make something to change this situation – buy a pet, join an on-line community, start dance lessons or visit a psychoanalyst.

8 Insufficient physical activity

Sportive women are more resistant to nervous and hormonal changes that take place in pregnancy. Their bodies are trained to support painful sensations. On the contrary, low fitness level lead to higher risk of depression. Read the article to find more on the topic of sport activities for young moms: Postpartum Exercise – 10 Best Workouts Which Will Help You to Fight Depression

9 Lack of faith

Strong belief in divine help and support may protect from falling into depression. That is why it is important to find a spiritual support that will give you the power to drive away negative thoughts.

Try to keep off these 9 habits that may provoke a depressive state. Replace them with new activities, beneficial for you and your child. All your positive efforts will help you to prevent developing of postpartum depression. You will be able to live a more organized and happy life.

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