Learn About 5 Important Benefits of Breastfeeding

Certainly, breastfeeding has many great benefits to offer both for you and your baby’s health and wellbeing. However, breastfeeding does not come naturally and easy to many young mothers. It takes lots of efforts and skills to make it flow naturally. So, let us take a look at 5 of these essential benefits of breastfeeding and discover your power to give an awesome start to your baby’s life!

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Benefits of breastfeeding:

1. Your breast milk is the perfect food for your baby

That is true! Even the best bottle food can never ever come up in its quality and nutritional value to your breast milk. Your breast milk is the god-designed food for your baby. It has all the nutrients, vitamins and enough water to provide fast growth and high health level of your baby. Besides, your breast milk has such unique ingredients as antibodies to various infections. They protect your baby and keep it protected during the first six month of their lives.

2. Forming a tight bond

Breastfeeding helps you and your child to form a tight and lasting bond. The baby acutely senses the discomfort from being physically disattached to his or her mother. Breastfeeding restores this bodily connection between you two. That is one reason why babies fall asleep so peacefully at their mothers’ breasts. There is no safer place for them to be! So, breastfeeding maintains their sense of safety and comfort, too.

3. Breastfeeding stimulates your baby’s senses

This is another great advantage offered by breastfeeding to your baby. It provides the baby with a range of new experiences. It introduces the baby to a range of tastes, smells, and other sensory feelings. It also stimulates baby’s oral development. Plus, breastfeeding provides the baby with enough sucking and helps it to build up its lower jaw muscles. You may have noticed that the lower jaw looks a bit smaller than the upper one in babies. Through enough sucking it develops and reaches its normal shape and size.  This helps your baby to develop a fair line of teeth later on in life.

4. Breastfeeding keeps mothers healthy

Sometimes breastfeeding can even save a mother’s life. If a mother has severe bleeding after the parturition, timely and early start of breastfeeding stimulates her uterus contraction and stops the bleeding. In any case, it stimulates your uterus and helps it to contract fast and with no medications taken. It also helps you to regain your former shape faster.

5. Breastfeeding is easier than bottle feeding

It is so obvious. You do not have the trouble of washing all those bottles, drying them, making the bottle food, etc. You always have the ready and perfect food for your baby. You can wake up at night just for a moment to breastfeed your child and go back to sleep; while with the bottle feeding you have to get out of your bed, go to kitchen and make the food every few hours of the night.

Besides, breastfeeding is much cheaper than bottle feeding. It saves you lots of money and provides your baby with the best food in the world. As you may see, there are many vital benefits of breastfeeding for you to consider.

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