How To Take Postpartum Depression Drugs If You Are A Breastfeeding Mom

The issue of postpartum depression is the most obscure in neonatal researches. The severe physical and psychological symptoms of this condition in breastfeeding mothers should be treated. It is not the “baby blues” which many women have in the first several weeks after delivery. With the blues, you may have trouble sleeping and feel a little bit moody, tired and overwhelmed. But you still feel happy about your baby.

The symptoms of postnatal depression can last for months. They include the feeling of deep sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and rapid changes of mood. You can be very irritated, lose your libido and  pleasure in every day things.

The complicated process of childbirth requires great reconstruction of your body and big changes in hormone levels. In the article What Causes Postpartum Depression? you will find the list of factors that may develop postpartum depression. The good news is that this condition is treatable and has favourable outcome statistics.

Breastfeeding mothers often refuse taking any drugs because they worry about the negative effects of the medications on their babies. In the article: Is There a Link Between Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding? you will know how are correlated these two conditions.

So, let’s find the answer to the question “how to take postpartum depression drugs if you are a breastfeeding mom?”

First of all, you should know that the sooner you start treating, the quicker you will feel better and enjoy your role of mother. Antidepressants and sedative drugs relieve the worst symptoms of depressive state.

Many physicians think that a depressed mother brings a greater danger for her baby than low-level medication doses.  If woman develops a severe form of depression, doctor may suggest to stop breastfeeding temporarily while taking drugs. However, there is a range of antidepressants that can be taken by a breastfeeding mother. They are safer than antivirus medicines and antibiotics prescribed to treat cold. Discuss all options with your doctor and pediatrician. Every nursing mother must be aware of all risks and benefits of certain medications before agreeing to take one while nursing.

If you don’t have very bad symptoms, try to minimize the dose of medication. Check other ways for your recovery. Do little steps that will help you to overcome postpartum depression: avoid stress and get as much rest as you can. Find support in the members of your family and friends. Don’t be shy and ask them for help. Meet other moms and discuss together about your condition. Socialize and spoil yourself with something pleasant – like shopping or cinema.

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