How to Deal With Postpartum Depression by Yourself

Sometimes no professional help is available to treat postpartum depression. This is the case, when you should learn some basis of self-help for PPD. Take a look at some of the things you may do to ease your condition:

– Arm yourself with the right information

Read about and understand the postpartum depression symptoms. Sometimes, women tend to blame themselves for their downcast moods and inability to cope with simple life things. However, all these might be just the symptoms of PPD. There is no need for you to blame yourself and experience more guilt.

PPD can make you partially or even completely unable to cope with things. That is exactly why you need help dealing with it.

– Exercise daily

Depression is immobilizing you. One of the ways to cope with it is to get your body a good load of work out. Working out stimulates the production of happiness hormones and helps you cope with depression. You can find a selection of suitable activities for young mothers in our postpartum depression exercise mini-guide.

– Eat healthy

Healthy diet may also help you to combat PPD. Eat lots of veggies and fruit. Try to avoid all the fast food or highly processed and fatty food. Include raw foods and whole grains into your diet. And, drink up to maintain proper liquid balance in your body. All this can help you to deal with your depression.

– Keep a journal

Sometimes you may not have enough time or close people can talk your feelings over with. Still, you can pour them out in your journal. Write out everything you feel or think. This will also help you to analyze your feelings. Compare them to the real situation in your life. Sometimes, depression makes you see only the bad things. But you miss out the good things. Write them down and keep reminding yourself about things you can be thankful for in your life.

– Try to hammer down your depression trigger

What exactly evokes those negative feelings in you? Is that your temporary social isolation? May be, it’s the lack of sleep or getting overburdened with various tasks. Try to find solutions for these situations and do not be shy to ask for help.

– Daily take time for yourself

You are not a bad mother, if you set out daily some time for you. Arrange for your family members to stay with your baby and get an hour of sleep or take a bath and relax. Do make up, dress up and go shopping or take little time to chat with your friends over the phone. Do anything that relaxes you and makes you feel good.

All these simple things to do may help you regain your joy in life and combat your downcast moods. Don’t forget, that you are the one, who have the real power to fight postpartum depression. Nobody knows you better then you do.

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