How to Deal With Postpartum Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal reaction, triggered by our bodies in complicated or dangerous situations. However, postpartum anxiety has nothing to do with the normal state of things. It is a type of anxiety disorder, experienced by women after childbirth. Let us take a look at what are causes of agitation and nervousness and how to deal with this condition.

As any type of uneasiness, anxiety in postpartum period triggers a number of physical reactions in our bodies. Here are some of them: you may get an increased heart rate, muscle strain, fishy feeling in your hands, cold hands and feet, etc. Anxiety triggers our flight or fight reaction, so we either become overly agitated and aggressive, or we get panic attacks symptoms and feel paralyzed and unable to take any action.

Postpartum anxiety

Postpartum anxiety is a real disease, which must be treated

That is exactly what many young mothers report to experience dealing with anxiety after parturition. Many of them get panic attacks and become really unable to take adequate care of themselves or their babies. This nervous disorder is a real disease, which has to get adequate medical treatment. It is not some character weakness and the person is not to blame for it. Sometimes such condition is a sign of hidden postpartum depression. So, it is very important to recognize and to treat it as soon as possible.

Now, how do you deal with postpartum anxiety?  The first step to do is to evaluate the severity of your condition. This cannot be done by you or your family. You have to consult your doctor and go through some tests.

The next step is to relax and get some rest. You need to master few useful relaxation techniques to learn how to cope with your anxious thoughts. And, you certainly need your family help to do that, because you need time to spend on your relaxation and rest. Ask for help and get someone to stay with your baby, while you get some rest. You may use various breathing relaxation or muscle relaxation techniques to overcome your agitation after childbirth.

Attending a support group is another great way to deal with your anxiety. There you realize that you are not alone with such a problem. And, you get the social support and understanding you desperately need. Make time to attend such groups. There you can express your emotions more freely and get the support.

Finally, you have to get on a healthy diet to overcome your nervousness. Reduce the quantity of stimulators, such as tea or coffee, you consume. Cut down the amount of fatty or sugary foods in your diet. Replace them with veggies and fruits. And, drink up enough water to flush your body and rid it of toxins. Read more on proper food plan for you in the article “Postpartum diet – What is the best diet plan for young moms?

All these simple steps can significantly ease your postpartum anxiety symptoms and condition. You always get a better result by combining them all together and following your doctor’s recommendations.

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