How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last?

How long does postpartum depression last? This question may concern up to 25 percent of all women after the parturition. According to postpartum statistics at least one in each eight women after the delivery suffer from the PPD. So, this condition is widely spread indeed. Let us take a look at what postpartum depression is and how long it may last.

Did you know that PPD or postpartum depression may affect both parents? This means your husband may also suffer from this desease! This is one reason why scientists do not consider hormones to be the major cause of the depressive condition after labor. Even though almost half of the mothers experience some degree of baby blues, not all of them fall into the clinical depression.  Baby blues is a common occurrence among new mothers and it is normal.

However, baby blues do not last over 2 weeks. As a rule, they start just few days after the delivery and end in about two weeks. Postpartum depression mostly starts in four weeks after the delivery. It may include all the baby blues symptoms and many others. However, PPD is not passing away in just a few weeks. And, it may deepen over the time. The same as the major depression, PPD can lead to complete or partial living disability, when it becomes hard or impossible for a new mother to cope with life and daily tasks or even to care for the baby .

Such situation is threatening both for the mother and the baby. The sense of guilt tends to build up fast in such mothers. They blame themselves for the condition they are struggling with. This surely is the time for the family members come and help the young mother and take her for medical examination and assistance.

All this being said, we still have a question to answer: how long does postpartum depression last? Unfortunately, no one can really answer it. Some scientists believe that PPD may last throughout the entire first year after the delivery. But, the truth is: no one can really tell. It all depends on your individual situation. Women with former depression episodes may suffer more and longer from the PPD. Their depression may be harder to treat.

However, the fact is that all women with PPD demand medical and social help. PPD may be treated with the drugs. But, according to scientific data, the best treatment for it is assistance and support. Talk therapy also works well for treating depressive state. But, even with all those treatments there is no guarantee the depression may be conquered in a short period of time. This information does not sound very promising. Still, timely diagnosing and postpartum depression treatment boosts your chances for faster recovery. See the references below to find additional information on “How long does postpartum depression last” at and

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