Find Out What Are 8 Foods You Should Include In Breastfeeding Diet

Even though breastfeeding has many valid benefits to offer, it also places more strain on your body. Your body has given away many essential nutrients during the pregnancy time. Now it demands a special diet to keep you healthy and restore you during the breastfeeding time. Let us take a look at the list of 8 main foods you should include in your breastfeeding diet.

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A list of best foods for breastfeeding moms:

1. Dairy products

Breastfeeding diet

Cheese and other dairy products should be included in your breastfeeding diet

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients to supply your body with during the lactation time. Naturally, you have lost lots of it during the pregnancy time. Now, you keep on losing it during the lactation time, as your milk is rich in calcium. It helps your baby to form healthy teeth and bones. But, you also need it to maintain your bones strong and your teeth healthy.

Such foods, as milk, curd, cheese or yogurts are rich with calcium and their daily intake helps you to restore your supply of it.

2. Meats

Most mothers have pretty low iron levels in blood after the parturition. It may conditions by significant blood loss. Red meats are the best sources of iron in your body. The rule of a thumb here is to avoid poultry and fatty meats. Pick lean red meats. Beef is the best option here to include in your breastfeeding diet.

3. Fish

Your body also needs to restore amino acids and phosphorus. Fish is the best source of these nutrients. However, fish may be highly allergic food. So, avoid eating river fish and prefer lean sea fish instead.

4. Veggies

Veggies supply your body with vitamins and fiber. The rule of a thumb to go by is to pick season and locally grown veggies. Avoid eating red, orange or yellow ones, as they may cause allergies in your baby. You should pick instead green veggies, such as green apples, greens, salads, cucumbers, etc.

5. Water

Water is essential for lactating women. Keep in mind that your milk consists of lots of water. So, you need to supply your body with enough of it to prevent dehydration and drop in lactation. However, you should avoid consuming soda drinks, alcohol, tea or coffee. All these drinks may have negative effects for your baby’s health. Instead, you should drink lots of clean water, juices and compote.

6. Fruits

They are a great source of vitamins. The rule is the same as with veggies. Eat locally grown and seasonal fruit and avoid eating red or yellow ones.

7. Bread

Pick whole grain bread, but avoid eating sour bread, as it may cause colic in your baby.

8. Grains

Whole grains are the best suppliers of fiber and many minerals and nutrients to your body. Most grains do not produce any negative or colic effect for your baby, so you can freely include them into your diet.

As you may see, breastfeeding diet should be rich with nutrients to keep you and your baby healthy and wellness supplies with the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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