Find Out How to Overcome Depression During Pregnancy

Most people believe that pregnancy is a happy time for women. However, it may also be a very challenging and even hard time, especially if you lack the support and protection of your social circle. According to statistics, up to 20 percent of all pregnant women experience depression during pregnancy. So, let us take a look at some simple steps to take to deal with it.

Now, every depression and especially depression while carrying the child has to be diagnosed and treated. So, there is the first step to be taken. If you feel the blues for over 2 weeks, you should seek professional consultation. As a rule, blues go away in a few days or a week, but depression stays for good and tends to worsen, if being untreated.

Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy has to be treated

Photo by Arwen Abendstern

If you doubt the need to go and get examined for depression, you may go online and take few free and easy depression tests. They would help you to make further decision. And, do not get locked up inside yourself. Isolation is the worst way to deal with depression. Try to talk to your spouse or your family and friends about your feelings and condition.

Of course, many people know that pregnant women tend to be overly emotional and even fall into crying fits at times. But, if your situation is more serious, try to explain it to your family and ask for help. In fact, depression during pregnancy time may have serious health consequences both for you and your baby. That is another good reason to treat it.

One of the best things you can do with depression while carrying the child is to give yourself much rest and relax. If you have other children to take care of, try to find some time, when you can lay down and rest. Try to explain your need in rest to your kids. According to statistic, the more children are in the family, the higher the risks are for the mother to get depressed during her next pregnancy. Make this fact known to your husband and other family members and ask for help.

If these simple things do not work, ask for medical help. According to the latest researches, many drugs used to treat depression are safe for pregnant women. Taking such drugs prescribed by your doctor can lower the risks of giving birth to a low weight child or of the early birth.

Keep in mind that untreated depression during pregnancy increases your risks of developing postpartum depression. It may also cause problems in creating a tight emotional bond with your baby during and after the pregnancy time. That means such depressive condition has to be timely diagnosed and treated.

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