Does Postpartum Girdle Work? Learn About Its Real Effects on Your Body

Gaining extra weight and losing the shape of the belly are two great concerns for young mothers. Usually women are displeased with their appearence after childbirth. Young mothers can feel themselves frustrated, or even experience postpartum depression symptoms. This is something postpartum girdle can help you deal with. Take a look at a few facts and real benefits of belly band:

Facts you should know about postpartum band:

* It is the same type of garment as a post surgical abdominal binder. These binders are used to help patients recover faster after surgeries on tummy or breast. So, girdle may be especially beneficial for women, who have had a c-section.

* Postpartum girdle reduces the swelling of the tissues after the c-section and allows your tummy to recover much faster.

* This type of garment is widely used in many other cultures of the world to help women regain their before pregnancy shape and posture.

* There have not been done much scientific research on the benefits and uses of postpartum binder.

* This girdle does not directly help you lose weight after the pregnancy.

However, there are some benefits of girdle wearing:

* For many women girdle does an amazing job at helping them bring their tummies back to their before pregnancy shape. It helps the muscles to recover faster after the delivery.
* This garment keeps your muscles tightened up and helps them to gain their former strength and flexibility.
* Even though postpartum bandage does not directly help you shed pounds, it allows you to start postpartum exercising sooner. It prevents your muscles from being overstretched, overstrained and damaged. This means, you can start working out within just few days after an uncomplicated parturition.
* This garment makes you instantly look tighter and smaller in your tummy area. It helps you to press you core inside and allows you to wear many outfits, which otherwise would have been left for later.
* Another advantage of this girdle is that it serves you as a reminder to work on your posture and belly muscles. When you try to sit and stand stooping, it causes a stronger pull and a minor discomfort. This reminds you to keep up your posture and adds some work to your tummy muscles, bringing them back to shape.

Postpartum girdle can be put on just within hours after the delivery. However, take your time and consult your doctor about it. Let them help you select the right size of the girdle. It should not by all means press you too hard. Otherwise, it may cause some problems by reducing the blood flow to your uterus. And, make sure to pick an adjustable girdle. Keep in mind that during the first two weeks after the parturition your uterus would start to decrease in size fast and your tummy would naturally become tighter. So, you would need a girdle of a smaller size to stay tight on you.

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